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We will provide our customers cutting-edge technology in the field of digital publishing, providing products such as iBooks, ePub3 and ePub2. We are committed to supplying customized products able to respond to a wide variety of needs. Writers, researchers, publishers, and cultural institutions will familiarize with an incredibly unlimited possibility of integrating texts with any kind of data sets and multimedia contents. We assist our customer to better manage their processes and strengthening customers relationships and brand awareness. Taking advantage of devices' potential, Towel aims to create new markets for digital books.



Towel assists companies by enriching their annual reports, by revolutioning their presentation and investors pitches and by creating amazing training guides and manuals.


Towel transforms your traditional publication in a real multitouch book thanks to its valuable expertise in content and multimedia management.


Towel leads heritage and cultural operators towards futuristic publications through modern platforms and guides we contribute to develope new turistic experienxces.

Latest collaborations

PSPF 2016 - Perugia Social Photo Fest - Catalogue

Mac/IOS version (.iBooks)

All device (.ePub)

We live surrounded, overwhelmed by photographic images that are meant to illustrate, to show us the works but also exhibit ourselves; to describe the world but also tell about us. We own all a camera, simple or complex. We are all authors of photographs, but perhaps the question is: how many of us are actually able to produce meaning? There is then a need to understand not only how to photograph, but above all why we take photos. Because the value of a photograph is not to be found in the picture itself rather the photograph information it contains, in the process that generated it. Because it also happens that you lose your orientation and the ability to distinguish what is good and what is not for you. An image is good if it is able to convey a message, and to enrich at the same time the life of the one looking at it.
The PSPF 2016 Catalogue contains interactive objects, photo galleries and more.


Tattoos are already under our skin, the tattoo artist reveals who we really are. The London Tattoo Convention 2015, as seen through the eyes of Iphonographer Dilshad Corleone. Discover the world of tattoos, in a crazy trip through pictures and videos. Towel Publishing and Dilshad Corleone present the first book of iphonography in iBook format. More than 150 photos, videos, links to follow the greatest tattoo artists and much more.

La rivoluzione russa in Ucraina

Towel Publishing has created the epub version of the Makhno's graphic novel. Starting from the drawings of J.P. Ducret, Towel has published an ebook fixed layout, readable on any kind of device.
Here the site www.Makhno.org made by Towel Publishing

Fondazione IRCCS - Stella Maris

Mac/IOS version (.iBooks)

All device (.ePub)

The Yearbook 2014 of the Institute of Hospital Care (IRCCS) Stella Maris Foundation, shows the main results achieved in 2013 by the research, clinical and training center of the Foundation. This book is an exciting journey to discover a center of excellence for the diagnosis, care and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders in children and adolescents.
The Yearbook 2014 contains video interviews, interactive objects, photo galleries and more.

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